NGATNIT Offers Cancer Coverage

Seven-time Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller is a wife, mom, business woman, and more recently, a cancer survivor. As an incredible athlete with a healthy lifestyle, she is a living example of how indiscriminately Cancer can influence lives. Shannon is partnering with Washington National to help better financially prepare Americans for the “C” word.

NGATN Insurance Trust (NGATNIT) is also partnering with Washington National to provide a Cancer Indemnity Supplement that prepares Guard Members and their families to combat Cancer. From initial diagnosis, second opinions, and third opinions-to treatments, surgeries and recovery, Cancer Indemnity supplements a policy holder’s income so the family’s focus is on remission, not financial burden. Benefits are paid directly to the policy holder, and covered children’s benefits are 150% of policy standard. Prior Cancer patients with a medical prognosis of 2 years “Cancer Free” are eligible to apply for coverage, and after 20 consecutive years of coverage, 100% of paid premiums are returned with the Return of Premium option. NGATNIT members enjoy special group rates that remain level throughout the life of the policy, and our members can apply up to age 85.

To decide if NGATNIT’s Washington National Cancer Coverage is right for you and your family, contact Katie: or (615) 833-9100. To learn more about Shannon Miller and her campaign of hope with Washington National, watch her Message of Hope Video.