Retiree Memberships

Congratulations on completing your active career in the Tennessee National Guard!

If your career has been like ours, there have been good times, hard times and times you don’t want to talk about; however, no matter how good or bad the times were, you have made friends on a level that you rarely come across in the civilian world. These are men and women with whom you have entrusted your life, and with whom you share common values and expectations. It is difficult to lay aside the uniform, and even harder to accept the reality that you will eventually lose contact with your fellow soldiers and airmen.

Well, you don’t have to! A Lifetime Membership in the National Guard Association (NGATN) can provide a means of keeping up with friends, as well as with the status of the National Guard in Tennessee and the nation. NGATN can continue to be your informational conduit, and with the ongoing efforts of the NGATN Retiree Committee it can be a means of keeping up with your fellow officers as well as changes in benefits. Your ongoing membership also strengthens the voice of NGAT with both NGAUS and our elected Congressional Delegation. And speaking of NGAUS, you should also consider a Lifetime Membership with them; thereby continuing to receive the NGAUS Monthly Magazine and strengthening their voice in Washington too!

We hope to see your name on the Lifetime membership rolls and on our e-mail list soon. The bonds that we have shared don’t need to be laid aside, please stay in touch and try to continue to be active in your Association.

Retiree Life Application