Executive Council

NGATN is governed by four Officers and fifteen Executive Council Members. The Officers, except the Secretary/Treasurer (Executive Director), are elected biennially. Executive Council Members are elected during the Annual General Conference of NGATN, and serve for a four year period. Scroll down to see details of each position followed by the current NGATN Executive Council.

Current NGATN Executive Council

LTC Jim Ridings

President Elect

Col Jason Glass
Immediate Past President

COL (Ret) Byron Deel
Executive Director


Maj Matt McKeen
Air Field Grade West

MAJ Jeff Crawford
Army Field Grade West

Col Robin Celatka
Air Field Grade Middle

MAJ Meredith Richardson
Army Field Grade Middle

Col Jason Brock
Air Field Grade East

COL Brad Bowlin
Army Field Grade East

CPT Christian Yoder
Company Grade West

CPT Jordan Donegan
Company Grade Middle

CPT Joseph Tipton
Company Grade East

CW2 Dennis Owens
Warrant Officer West

CW4 Lance Jenkins
Warrant Officer Middle

CW4 Bob Nicholson
Warrant Officer East

Col (Ret) Dan Callahan III
Retired West

MAJ (Ret) Randy Harris
Retired Middle

Retired East