SSLI Conversion

No Health Questions

Maintaining life insurance coverage with NGATNIT and American Equity is easy with the State Sponsored Life Insurance (SSLI) conversion option. Explore more about Whole Life Conversions, decide if a conversion is right for you and/or your spouse, and apply today.


  • Builds Cash Value
  • Policy Loans for Emergencies
  • Covered Through Age 121
  • Convert Current Amount 6 months Before Age 60 (SSLI 50% Reduction)
  • Convert Amount at Age 65 (SSLI Termination)
  • Guaranteed Insurability
  • NO Aviation, Suicide or War Exclusions
  • Easy Bank Draft Payments
  • Convenient MILPAY or DFAS Retiree Pay Allotment Option
  • Portable-Does Not End After ETS
  • Spouse Conversions
  • Child Riders Available (Age 15 Days-21/23 Years)


  • Current SSLI Policy Holder
  • Current SSLI Policy Holder Spouse
  • Policy Holder and Spouse May Convert at Different Times



Download, print, complete, sign, then follow the instructions:


Have you: Moved? Married? Divorced? New Child? Child over 21 or 23? Changed Beneficiary? Visit our Policy Service Page today to ensure your policies are updated.


Need to file a claim ? Visit our Claims Page and get started today.


When Guard Members pass, NGATNIT continues to care for their families. Visit the Surviving Spouse Benefits Page to continue current coverage.